This  Knight Domains example is from Ally Laidlaw. Ally blogs about her experience at St. Norbert as a student and as a research fellow . 

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On this page you can learn about the technical details of her site, see screenshots of the site, and hear from Ally about her experience with blogging and owning her own domain.


Technical Details

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Ally’s Domain in Her Own Words

“I like my domain because it gives me a platform to put my work and thoughts into the world. Having a domain is a way of keeping a running record of all the things I’m doing and creating here at SNC––it’s kind of like putting the contents of my brain put on display. I love that, and I think it’s important that I have this domain because it lets me see how much I’ve accomplished. It also serves as a digital presence and portfolio that my future employers can look at once senior year/graduation rolls around. Instead of just looking at a resume that talks about what I’ve done in college, potential employers can look at my domain and see specific examples of my work and learning.”

Ally Laidlaw

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