Cassie has a main domain for blogging about her college experience and a subdomain specifically for reflections on her work with Full Spectrum Learning. 

You can visit her main domain and her subdomain. Also, her work encompases designing and maintaining the Full Spectrum Learning site.


Technical Details

On main and subdomain
Ashe on main domain
Nisarg on subdomain

Gutenberg on both

Google Slide gallery on main domain

Cassie talks about her domain:

“My domain provides me a space to truly show my creativity in a place that is my own. Having my own domain gives me many options. Right now, my main site is a personal blog that helps me connect to friends and family back home and lets them know how I am doing. I also have a sub-domain with a blog about my work with the Full Spectrum Learning initiative. I am a freshman with a major in Computer Science and an emphasis in Graphic Design, along with minors in Media Studies and Mathematics. With my major, I would like to have a career in website design, so having my own domain in college can really help me while looking for a career. The other great thing about having your own domain is it widens the opportunities available. I have had experience in Adobe Dreamweaver in the past, but now am learning in WordPress, and can try many different options. In the future, I would like to expand my website into a professional portfolio for potential employers to look at.”

Cassie Nooyen

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