This example of a Knight Domains project is from Erica Kalberer. Erica is blogging about her college experience at St. Norbert including her work at the Tech Bar.
You can visit Erica’s live site in another window
On this page you can learn about the technical details of her site, see screenshots of the site, and hear from Erica about her experience with blogging and owning her own domain.


Technical Details


Erica’s Domain in Her Own Words

“I enjoy having a domain because it allows me to be creative and experimental with my writing. Since it is my domain, I am able to put anything I want on it. I enjoy adding pictures and gifs to go along with my posts. It also allows me to practice writing in different ways whether that is writing a persuasive post or an informational post. Having a domain has been great for me and my writing!”

Erica Kalberer

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