Ruthie is a first-year education major who has created a blog on her domain for keeping in touch with friends and family back home,  chronicling her experiences as a Full Spectrum Learning Research Fellow, and for some course work in Educational Psychology. Ruthie has created different categories on her blog for sorting these different experiences.

You can visit her site at 

Here you can see screenshots, learn about some of the technical details of her site and read about Ruthie’s site in her own words.


Technical Details


Wisdom BlogJetpack

“I really have been enjoying my domain! I designed my blog to be multifaceted. One of my blogs is to update my family on how college is going for me. And the other two categories are for academic purposes. I like how my domain serves as a reflection for school and my social life. I like having my own space in which I can show what I’ve learned!”

Ruthie Tucker

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