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Knight Domains’ is not just for individuals. On some occasions a department or project may need its own domain.  Here we have an example from the Art Department. Art is requiring a domain for all of their majors so that they can set up a public portfolio of their work. 
You can visit Art’s live site in another window.
If you are part of a department, social group, or other collective and would like a domain for your group or project contact us for more information.


Technical Details



The Domains for Art Students program was established with the following objectives: 

–Student will gain agency and skill in learning how to create and manage their domains
–Students will begin to consider their digital identities in terms of their work as artists
–Students will use their domain to present requirements for sophomore review
–Students will use their domain to present proposal for Senior Art Exhibition

Art.Knight.Domains was created to model the process of working in the open. As it develops, we plan to post student work and hope it becomes a space where both current and prospective students can see what SNC Art students are making. In practical terms, it makes sense to share information with students on the platform we are asking them to use and provides an easy way to link to the support resources for domain development offered by the college.

Shan Bryan-Hanson

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