Natasha Igl’s example of a Knight Domain is a great illustration of a portfolio hub. Natasha has been working on the web for some time while she has been at St. Norbert. Though not always on her own domain she has set up several other blogs and portfolio’s. This site gathers all of those sites together into one place to showcase her many sites.
You can visit Natasha’s live site in another window
On this page you can learn about the technical details of her site, see screenshots of the site, and hear from Natasha about her experience with blogging and owning her own domain.


Technical Details


Natasha’s Domain in Her Own Words

“I am a senior gearing up to graduate in Fall of 2018.  I am a busy bee who likes to knit, read, and write–shocking for an English major.  The purpose of my site is to show off my personality and provide my resume to potential employers.  Inside the site, I include links to other websites and portfolios I created for classes to better show what I am capable of.  As I wind down my last few weeks at St. Norbert, I blog about my senior year experiences or “last minute musings”. Though it is only a senior year blog so far, I will adapt my blog to life after graduation as well.”

Natasha Igl

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