How do I bring my domain with me when I leave?

You have two main options to bring your domain with you when you leave.

Option 1: The first step will be to sign up for an account at Reclaim Hosting. This link will take you directly to their Student/Individual Hosting plan option. If you’d like to take advantage of a 10% discount, enter the promo code reclaim4edu. After completing the sign up process send a support request to with the following message:

Hello Reclaim Hosting Support,
I am graduating from St. Norbert College and I would like to migrate my account, (, to Reclaim Hosting. Please let me know if you need anything else from me.
(Your Name)

A member of Reclaim Hosting support will respond & help you get your account migrated within 24 hours.


Option 2: If you do not wish to host your website using Reclaim Hosting you do have other options. Everything created on Knight Domains is created with standard web technologies and applications like cPanel, WordPress, the LAMP stack etc. This means that individual sites you create on Knight Domains can be moved to other web hosting services. Directions for this vary, but we can help you if you make an appointment at the Tech Bar

How long do I get to keep my Domain?

Students get to keep their domains for up to one year after they graduate. We hope that this will prove useful for you to establish your professional or academic digital identity while you are at SNC and after you graduate!

Faculty and Staff keep their domains while they are employed by the college.

If you are interested in bringing your domain with you after you leave the college, see our next FAQ!

What is “digital identity?”

All of us identify ourselves to the world in lots of ways. The way that you dress, talk, and all of the ways that you present yourself says something about who you are to the world. It is normal for you to use different ways of identifying yourself in different contexts. 

But what happens when we start to present ourselves to the world using digital tools? Digital identity is a complex idea because of the very reason that we present ourselves differently depending on context. Domain of One’s Own gives students, faculty, and staff a place to build a digital identity for themselves, classes, projects, trips, and just about any context that you can think of. 

Can my student organization have a site on Knight Domains?

Yes, but we need to talk with you and your group’s adviser first. Email and mention that you are looking to get a domain on Knight Domains for your club or social group, and we will set up a meeting with you, your group’s adviser, and an employee at the Tech Bar. Your adviser will then get access to a second cPanel account on Knight Domains, and can get help from the Tech Bar on setting up applications like WordPress or Omeka. The adviser can have students author content for the site by making them accounts in WordPress or whichever application is installed on the domain.

Is it really my domain if … you grade it…. I can’t put up anything I want?

Ownership is a complex philosophical construct that is never absolute. All ownership comes with limitations and responsibilities. It is true that the limitations and responsibilities of Knight Domains are different than buying a domain outside of the College’s resources. However, the technology that Knight Domains is built on is foundational to the web and will be encountered in a wide array of hosting partners outside of Knight Domains. It is hoped that Knight Domains can be used as an educational tool to build skills that will easily transfer after graduation or other association with the college.

Can I put anything I want on a domain?

No. Just like all College technology resources Knight Domains is governed by our Computer and Network Appropriate Use policy. For instance the policy states “Each computer user must respect the rights of others. Users must apply the highest level of ethical conduct to their use of computing and networking facilities.” There are many nuances in the policy and we recommend that you review it when you sign up for a domain. In addition to this policy you may not use a domain to run a store or accept payments, but we do keep the e-commerce tools that are available on this platform available if you are interested and want to use Knight Domains as a sandbox to try them out.

What do we mean by “reclaim?”

Reclaim Hosting is our hosting partner for the project. They chose this word because a big part of Domain of One’s Own is centered around reclaiming your digital identity through building digital literacies and skills.

Today’s web is filled with various platforms that many people use to express themselves. These platforms are easy to use and often you only need to sign up for an account to use them. However, these tools are free because they harvest data for advertising and try to influence you. In using these tools you are not the producer or the customer – you are the product. And while these tools are very easy to use, you don’t learn any real technical skills that can be transferred outside of their business model.  

When those who work with DoOO talk about “reclaiming” your digital identity they are talking about each person gaining skills and learning about how the underlying nature of the web works (building web literacy) so that they can choose how and where their data lives on the web on their terms. 

How many students are getting domains?

Domains are open for anyone to claim. Some students will be asked to create something on a domain for a class or a program. (this is a technical detail but our current license does top out at around 1000 domains.)

How many domains do I get as a faculty/staff?

Like students, faculty and staff get 1gb of storage and a subdomain of Faculty and staff do have the option of requesting additional domains for large projects ex: they are an advisor for a student group that would like a domain.

How many domains do I get as a student?

Students get one account on Knight Domains which includes 1gb of storage and a subdomain on (like Many different applications and websites can be hosted on a single account. Students may purchase a custom domain name (like if they so desire.