How do I bring my domain with me when I leave?

You have two main options to bring your domain with you when you leave.

Option 1: The first step will be to sign up for an account at Reclaim Hosting. This link will take you directly to their Student/Individual Hosting plan option. If you’d like to take advantage of a 10% discount, enter the promo code reclaim4edu. After completing the sign up process send a support request to with the following message:

Hello Reclaim Hosting Support,
I am graduating from St. Norbert College and I would like to migrate my account, (, to Reclaim Hosting. Please let me know if you need anything else from me.
(Your Name)

A member of Reclaim Hosting support will respond & help you get your account migrated within 24 hours.


Option 2: If you do not wish to host your website using Reclaim Hosting you do have other options. Everything created on Knight Domains is created with standard web technologies and applications like cPanel, WordPress, the LAMP stack etc. This means that individual sites you create on Knight Domains can be moved to other web hosting services. Directions for this vary, but we can help you if you make an appointment at the Tech Bar