What do we mean by “reclaim?”

Reclaim Hosting is our hosting partner for the project. They chose this word because a big part of Domain of One’s Own is centered around reclaiming your digital identity through building digital literacies and skills.

Today’s web is filled with various platforms that many people use to express themselves. These platforms are easy to use and often you only need to sign up for an account to use them. However, these tools are free because they harvest data for advertising and try to influence you. In using these tools you are not the producer or the customer – you are the product. And while these tools are very easy to use, you don’t learn any real technical skills that can be transferred outside of their business model.  

When those who work with DoOO talk about “reclaiming” your digital identity they are talking about each person gaining skills and learning about how the underlying nature of the web works (building web literacy) so that they can choose how and where their data lives on the web on their terms.