Full Spectrum Learning

Knight Domains is a Full Spectrum Learning initiative, which is a key part of the St. Norbert College Strategic Plan.

Tech Bar

The Tech Bar supports Knight Domains through one on one consultation and training. You can make an appointment by visiting the Tech Bar website.

Web Literacy

Knight Domains will help you master the tools & technology that make up the web and explore & take ownership of your digital identity.


Knight Domains is an initiative at St. Norbert College that empowers students, faculty, and staff to take responsibility for a little piece of the internet that they can call their own. This new project calls on our college community  to think deeper about digital identity and web literacy while challenging us to reclaim our data and digital presence from third party services. In technical terms, a person is given space on the internet to build their own websites or deploy their own applications. This technical description is only half of the story though. While it is true that digital skills are built through this process the more meaningful growth happens through careful consideration of who we are and the world that we share. If you are interested in finding out more, check out our blog at blog.knight.domains. The blog is dedicated to materials for and reflections from those getting started with owning their own domain.